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I have an issue I remember seeing a while ago and forgot to investigate further. Now it is turning into an issue and will need to be resolved. A customer has Polycom 335 phones (and a couple Soundstation 6000s), and when an extension is calling out, the screen on the 335 shows the company’s internal CID number instead of the person they are dialing. This also applies to receiving calls – the internal CID is displayed as opposed to who was calling.

I remember seeing something about connectedline issues with Polycom phones, but I can’t find the bug I had seen 6 months ago. Does anybody know about this issue and what can be done to resolve?


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  • How is your username defined in the sip.conf entry? I had this issue once
    before when I used “fromuser=” instead of “defaultuser=” for each phone.
    Almost the exact same issue you’re reporting…