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On 06/05/2012 12:39 AM, Klaverstyn, David C wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> All my installs are based on PRI ISDN. I now have a site that I need to
> install BRI. As I have not done a BRI install before I’m wanting to get
> some information from the people in the know if I need to do anything
> special.
> Typically I install libpri, dahdi Linux and tools, asterisk
> …and then configure dahdi as one does for the required hardware. Is
> the same true for BRI with the exception of the libpri? I have this
> feeling that I need to install some other Linux drivers or something for
> BRI.
> I’ve purchased a Digium HB8 card and I don’t see any mention of this in
> /etc/dahdi/modules. I’ve looked over the documentation at
> but
> there doesn’t seem to be anything there that tells me how to configure
> dahdi or asterisk.
> If someone could give me some direction that would be greatly appreciated.

The Hx8 User’s Manual (here: has an entire chapter
on software installation and configuration, including DAHDI, libpri and