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Earlier this year I spoke to Malcolm Davenport from Digium about a mobile phone operator we’re starting in The Netherlands. He really liked the idea and proposed to send an email to this mailing list. Since this message is kind of spam and a little off-topic, I’ll limit myself to this single message and I also request any questions or replies to be kept of the list.

To the point: in The Netherlands we’re starting Limesco, a mobile phone operator aimed at IT specialists. What’s unique about Limesco, is that we want to bring more control to the end user, compared to what’s possible with existing operators.

Our most interesting offer from the start is usage of our gateway that translates signaling and voice streams between one of the existing mobile networks in +31 and the world of SIP and RTP. Essentially, this allows you to use any GSM or 3G compatible device, insert a Limesco SIM and use it as if it were an extension on an Asterisk server. All calls are routed over SIP without running special software on the mobile phone.

At this moment, we’re finishing up some organizational stuff and we want to start running with a closed pilot group soon. Normal usage charges apply during this period, but Limesco likes to reimburse part of the activation and monthly fee for pilot users that have nice ideas for experimentation and that also document their results on our wiki.

Since Limesco only operates in The Netherlands for now, most of our website and communication is in Dutch. However, if you’re interested in the project or the pilot, please become a member of “Vereniging Limesco” (with legal voting rights in the organization) at or directly contact me by email.

Thank you,
Mark van Cuijk