Common/Reasonable Assumption on DID/Channel over-subscription

Hello All, just throwing this out there. What are people generally using these days
when designing their services, esp. those that require a user to call a DID
to access their system, similar to calling card services. There was a time
when this used to be 50 to 1 for DIDs, and about 10 to 1 for number of
channels bought in SMB with IP-PBX. I believe this would have changed today and assuming a service is pretty
popular, the ALOCs are longer due to cheaper rates and convenience of
calling. Does anyone have any real world numbers they can share? Is 10 to 1
a good ratio to ensure a user practically never gets a "circuits are busy"? Thanks in advance
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    May 27, 2012 at 09:51 am

    The users list probably isn't the best place for this discussion. Send me a
    note directly if you like.

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