Detecting Fax Tones over IAX2


Hello All,
I use IAX2 as the incoming connection from my DID provider. For whatever
reason, this works best for me, SIP connections lag very frequently and
only have about a 50% success rate for incoming calls (they get dropped
mysteriously). I'm trying to implement a fax/voice switch. I have faxdetect=both in my
sip.conf, and when I use sip, it works well. However, from what I can
tell, there's no such option for IAX2 connections. Any ideas on what I can do here, or am I out of luck? Thanks,

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Unable to execute 'dahdi_scan > /etc/asterisk/dahdi_scan.conf'


On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 02:02:51PM +0500, p070075 Muhammad Atif Ramzan wrote:
> Hi
> Can anyone help me with this error
> Unable to execute 'dahdi_scan > /etc/asterisk/dahdi_scan.conf'
> i am using asterisk-gui 2.0 , asterisk 1.8, dahdi 2.6 and also my call
> reached the destination but no voice is coming from destination my voice
> reflects back Have you verified the user asterisk is running as can execute
dahdi_scan? This was asked not too long ago on the forums as well:

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twenty thousands (20, 000) users, which asterisk and how many servers


the solution lies in kamailio/opensips's despatcher module. Sent from my iPhone On 23 maj 2012, at 20:46, bilal ghayyad wrote: > Dear;
> So it is a hardware issue and not software?
> I am afraid that asterisk software it self is not able to support 20 000 users and 2000 concurrent calls.
> About the high availability: is there a method that if the first asterisk server down, then the call will stay connected and failover to second asterisk server?
> Regards
> Bilal

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SIP endpoints CANCEL when PRI receives Cause Code 31


We have an Asterisk server which connects to another Asterisk server
acting as a PSTN gateway. This gateway machine has Digium TE210P card
connected to a pair of PRIs. For the most part, all is working well, however there are some specific
telephone numbers that my users have attempted to call, but we unable to. I set debugging on and determined that when the the gateway machine
dials one of the numbers in question, we receive from the PSTN an ISDN
cause code 31, which in my understanding is not an error. This is then

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