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My question is so complex and I try to explain well.

We have a customer that he wants limits incoming calls to his extensions
to only one. That’s not complicated with GROUPCOUNT, DEVICE_STATE or
SIPPEER with curcalls option.But the problem is when you want implement
CCBS service.

If we have next context:


If we call to 100 extensions and that extensions reject call or no
answer call, we can use CallCompletionRequets to request CCNR service
and all work fine.

But when a call is on 100 extension, and you call to 100 extension and
go to “occupied” label, if you reques a CCBS with
CallCompletionRequest() this application fails with NO_CORE_INSTANCE
It’s appear like CCSS only work with DIALSTATUS variable and with Dial
application I don’t know how to limit to only one incoming call.

Are there any way to solve this?

Any help would be appreciated.