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I would like to install Dahdi, libpri and Asterisk of different versions in
one machine. Lets say, Asterisk 1.6.X, Asterisk 1.8.x and Asterisk 1.4.x to
be installed in one machine, this can be done using prefix while building

For dahdi, libpri can it be done in same way? Because I need to test
telephony cards (PRI, BRI, GSM & Transcoding) with different versions of
Asterisk, libpri and Dahdi, I can’t remove and install again of each
versions since it is time consuming, sicne there are lot of versions

Any comments would be appreciated.


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  • Take a look at contrib/scripts/live_ast in the source tree of Asterisk.
    It’s intended to run a “private” copy of Asterisk. There’s also support
    there for using “private” copies of libpri and DAHDI if you actually
    need that.

    Alternatively, build every combination in its own chroot.

    In both cases, DAHDI kernel modules you actually load are system-global.

  • Thanks for the comments, I hope you are the one developed the script.
    Really great.

    But still I am not clear with the script file, where I need to start. I
    understand that I need to have live.conf file, this file do I need to
    create? or it will create automatically also I am able to find libpri,
    zaptel and dahdi installation directory specification. So I think first I
    need to create live.conf file then to compile others rite?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Why would you want to even bother testing EOL products, such as 1.4x and

    Although I am a 1.4 Luddite, I really don’t quite understand why you
    can’t test with 1.8.x or 10, where you mihgt have a hope of getting
    something fixed if there is a problem, unless you already KNOW there is
    an issue with later versions.


    John Novack

    Gopalakrishnan N wrote:

  • Its because the card what I have only work with 1.4 and 1.6.

    On Wed, Mar 14, 2012 at 4:05 AM, John Novack

  • I am not sure whether my PRI / BRI card would detect in virtual machine. I
    have to check.