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Hy all,

Recently a have a little problem with a Cisco device, SPA3102. I use
this device with asterisk to dial out with outbound trunk. (SPA3102
has 1 FXO port)
It working ok , but the device SPA3102 do this : when a call is placed
for outgoing in asterisk and send to SPA3102 , this device “answer
and dial the number in the same time” , in my CLI I see the channel
is open , but on the phone I hear the ringing from the provider PTSN ,
then the answer…. ,

So , in the end, asterisk don’t know when the real answer was made on
PTSN line.
It like SPA3102 don’t notify asterisk the ringing , then open the channel.

There is a problem for signaling ?

Sincerely ,
Alexandru Achim

One thought on - SPA3102 asterisk signaling

  • Le 10/03/2012 10:18, ing.Achim Alexandru a √©crit :

    Outgoing calls in 1 way dialing mode from spa3102 should be something like

    exten => s,1,dial(SIP/MySPA3102PSTNline,30,D(w${number}))

    Read carefully the spa3102 documentation.

    Not I’m aware of