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I’ve been logging sip registrations from this IP address for 2 days now. I’ve
emailed the domain’s admin, but nothing seems to come of it.

I’ve routed him into oblivion, but still, I think 50 requests a second for 2
days is a bit much.

Any ideas?

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  • I did send them an email at that address. No response.

    I tried the chat as well with no effect. My German is a bit rusty, or I’d call

  • You could traceroute the IP and contact NOC’s along the route. They might
    be interested to hear of flooding/DOS attacks being routed via their

  • Le 07/03/2012 09:46, Markus a écrit :

    Well, I sended them email on 17/02/2012, no answer. I tried to call
    them, “schöne Musik (cool song)” but that’s all.

    Send them again an email in German with info that a discussion is going
    on on this list. Perhaps …

  • Le 07/03/2012 11:21, Administrator TOOTAI a écrit :

    Here we are, I receive this answer:


    Dear Sir or Madam

    Many thanks for the information you sent us.

    Our staff has investigated your complaint and checked your data. There are several indications that your complaint is well-grounded.

    Therefore, we have initiated further steps to eliminate its cause. Due to organizational and legal reasons, however, we cannot state any further details. Thanks for your understanding.