app_rpt and chan_usbradio removal from trunk

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On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 11:56:12AM -0600, Josh Freeman wrote:
> Just to inform the list –
> App_rpt and chan_usbradio are still regularly used and maintained, but
> now live in a repository at along with the forked-off builds
> of Asterisk 1.4 and Zaptel that are required to have them work properly.
> I’m told there is some fundamental incompatibility between canonical
> Zaptel/DAHDI and the radio application that can’t be effectively worked
> around, or would take more effort than it would be worth to fix and keep
> up with DAHDI changes. This was the motivation for forking Asterisk and
> maintaining a separate codebase.

I’d appreciate some more details. Is it related to dahdi_cfg? pciradio
(is it still used?) ?

Bug reports would be welcomed.