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Is anybody running multiprocess of Asterisk on a server ? Does it work
well? My configuration is too complicated. I know Asterisk on a
virtual machine works well. but OS overhead is considerable. that is
why I want to divide a process.


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  • 2012/2/20 M Takahashi :

    Running 3 instances of Asterisk on the same Server. My configuration
    not very complicated and Server not very overloaded but it works. Main
    task was to separate for each instance own network port range, and to
    make separate File-System sandbox(and so get rid of some absolute path
    in dialplans). But you should properly calculate hardware requirements
    in order to achieve required performance.

    Also, if You use Linux, you can user native kernel virtualisation
    technologies. Personally I recommend to use LXC. It has almost zero
    overhead, because works on native, logically separated environments.