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I’m using Manager API Originate to initiate calls from SIP channels (via
phpagi FWIW) and it all works well except….

…the CallerID for the SIP channel specified in users.conf isn’t set for
the call 🙁

If I explicitly set the Callerid in the Manager Originate API call then
it works but the API is actually being run from another server which
doesn’t ‘know’ the correct Callerid number and name for any given SIP
phone so can’t set them.

I’m calling the Manager API with the following:-

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/101
Context: from-sip
Exten: 01234567890
Priority: 1
Timeout: 20000
ActionID: foo

This results in the Callerid(name) and Callerid(num) being blank for the

The ‘from-sip’ context is exactly the same as my SIP phones are using
and when manually dialing the Callerid info is correctly picked up from

Any ideas why this is and how I can get the Manager API Originate call
to use the correct Callerid info?