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I want to place an Asterisk-server A in front of 2 other
Asterisk-servers (B1 & B2).

This first Asterisk-server A needs to send incoming calls to one of the
2 available Asterisk-servers (B1 or B2) behind it.

So I want the first Asterisk-server A to accept the call, and based upon
some checks in the dialplan send the call through to one of the other
Asterisk-servers (B1 or B2) which further handle the call.

The first Asterisk-server A then needs to pull itself from the
media-path. There’s no further need for this Asterisk to stay within the

1. Is this possible ?
2. Using Asterisk, do I just use canreinvite=yes in the peer
definition of Asterisk B1 and Asterisk B2 ?

So I have :

Provider >>> Asterisk A1 >>> Asterisk B1 & Asterisk B2

I want the audio to go directly from Provider to server B1 when the call
has been set up.

Thank you for your input !

3 thoughts on - Asterisk NOT in the media path

  • This indicates that it *is* working. Asterisk has setup a ‘native’ RTP
    bridge between these two call legs. If they accept the re-INVITES that
    are sent, then the media will flow directly between them.

  • To set up direct media, Asterisk will send a re-invite with an SDP body containing the address of the other endpoint. RTP then flows directly between endpoints.

    If you just want to know if Asterisk is in the media path or not, you can also use “rtp set debug …” and Asterisk will log a line for each RTP packet it handles.