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I’ve got some users reporting an odd problem.

Once in a while, their Polycom phones ring and they are unable to answer
them… any of them.

When they pick up the handset, all of the phones continue to ring. Same thing
happens if they grab a different phone. They aren’t reporting any out-bound

I don’t see anything in the logs, and the phones remain registered.

They can’t reproduce the symptoms on demand, but it seems like it’s happening
more frequently, lately.

Any ideas?

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  • I have seen that too (but only once) on an IP670 with a sidecar running
    firmware 3.3.2, bootrom 4.3.1, powered via PoE and registering to some
    ancient Asterisk 1.4 server. It rang, several LEDs lit up (iirc more
    than usual) and no matter what I did I could not answer the call. After
    that I pulled the LAN cable. No idea what caused it. I just updated it
    to 3.3.4. Hopefully it will not happen again.


  • Can they answer the call by pressing the line key when simply picking up the handset does not answer the call? If so, then the users are not properly seating the handset in the cradle.