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On Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 5:19 AM, Luke Hamburg wrote:

> Doug:
> for what it’s worth I am having the exact same nightmare. Not sure exactly
> when it started but I believe it was a change in / (I
> am
> running 1.8.9rc1). I also have Polycom (335, 550, 650) and blind
> transfers
> are broken. All legs of the call are dropped when the xfer is executed. A
> calls B, B xfer to C and (C) blips for a split second like its ringing but
> then all calls go dead. I tried to debug myself using some sip tracing but
> I didn’t get very far. I even tried mucking around with a few settings in
> my Polycom provisioning I thought might be related e.g.
> voIpProt.SIP.allowTransferOnProceeding
> voIpProt.SIP.connectionReuse.useAlias
> voIpProt.SIP.useContactInReferTo
> voIpProt.SIP.conference.parallelRefer
> voIpProt.SIP.strictLineSeize
> voIpProt.SIP.strictUserValidation
> voIpProt.SIP.strictReplacesHeader
> voIpProt.SIP.useContactInReferTo
> and also upgraded to the new 3.3.4 firmware which is out yesterday, didn’t
> change a thing.
> stuck here for now, Attended xfers seem to work. I am not sure this is
> a
> Polycom-specific issue because I was seeing this bad behavior even using
> some Softphones I set up for testing.
> my next recourse is to try rolling back to or earlier and if that
> fixes it then I will open a JIRA ticket with more details.
> Luke
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> Mortensen
> Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 3:04 PM
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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Blind transfers being cancelled by asterisk &
> hanging up on remote caller
> Hello all,
> I have a system running AsteriskNOW with asterisk
> asterisk-
> from AsteriskNOW repository. I just changed our Polycom 335 sip.conf so
> that
> blindpreferred=1 (all transfers default as blind transfers). If a customer
> calls in & we answer & transfer, everything works fine. But if we call out
> to a customer & then transfer to another internal extension, that extension
> quickly rings & then the call is immediately gone & hung up. We are using
> Polycom firmware 3.3.3.
> In troubleshooting this & analyzing the asterisk logs (& asterisk SIP
> debug), I am seeing a few interesting items. Any help would be appreciated.
> […]
> Thanks,
> –
> Doug Mortensen

I can’t reproduce this on a test system with Asterisk using a
Polycom 335 and 550 running firmware 3.2.6. I called an external number
using Vitelity then blind transferred to the other phone. I am interested
as I have a production system with Polycom 335 phones running that