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Just installed asterisknow 1.6. I can access freepbx. I need to test
system on my LAN. Which softphone is best to use? I’m running ubuntu
on Dell optiplex G260 desktop at home. I’m hoping to setup basic IP PBX
for incoming/outgoing calls. No video.

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  • Hi there Tom

    I’ve found that QuteCom works just fabulously for my needs,… you’re
    mileage may vary though…

  • We’ve tried out Qutecom, Linphone and SFLPhone, and all three work well
    for our client’s environment (call-out centre). We finally implemented
    Qutecom for most of the desktops, for some reason that escapes my memory
    right now.

    Ekiga was just too heavy for our needs. There’s also Twinkle, which is
    what we use for testing since it’s light and fast.


  • We came down to linphone and qutecom. linphone echo canceller was a
    modest plus.

    But what really made us choose linphone was you use it on android/iphone.

    That has been a huge plus. As a bonus, you can use any degegistered
    smartphone – that is, one not hooked up to the cellular network,only
    wireless – as a softphone.


  • On Sat, 07 Jan 2012 09:27:29 -0500, sean darcy

    I guess you meant “de-registered smartphone” : what does it mean?

  • Hi,

    Our requirements were different, so we came to three candidates;
    linphone, ekiga and jitsi
    Linhphone is easy to “pre-configure” from a script and the buttons are
    easier to use, but lacks the possility for an ldap-adres-book.

    With ekiga you have the adresbook, but you have to use the mouse
    everywhere (the return-button gives unexpected results)

    And with jitsi (java-based) you are independant of Qt/GTK.


  • Yes, I did mean de-registered. I meant a phone that no longer has the
    ability to use the cellular network – only wifi. For instance, we have
    a couple of Droids that used to be on Verizon. They work just fine as
    sip-phones over wifi.