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Happy New Year to all!

Asterisk 1.8.x

I have a queue to which I add agent channels like SIP/300 dynamically using
the manager interface. Once logged in, there SIP/300 of course rings when a
call is distributed to them.

How can I also get the agents cell phone to ring without actually adding it
to the queue? I mean id I add something goofy like
SIP/MyProvider/15554443333 to the queue, I don’t know what will happen at
this point, haven’t tested it. Even if it works (asterisk channel state
etc) it will mess with the queue and treat the cell phone like a separate
agent, messing up call distribution etc.

I am trying to be as clear as possible, sorry if my questions are cloudy.

Basically, I have the queue doing what I want right now, I just want to add
the ability to have an agent’s cell phone ring as a means of alerting them
if they are away from their desk. If they can answer the call and the queue
will handle it just as they answered it from their SIP device, that would
be a bonus. I know this can all be done, just not sure how to tackle it at
the moment.

Any guidance would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

3 thoughts on - Ringing agents cell as an alert?

  • Perhaps blend the agent’s SIP phone + cell phone together as a local
    channel and then add that local channel to the queue instead of SIP
    phone + cell phone. Asterisk will see the local channel as one agent
    rather than two.

  • Sounds perfect, I will need to look into how to blend them together like

    I wonder though, will channel state still work using that method? I think
    it’s needed by something in the queue but I can’t remember at the moment.

  • Put them in extensions conf like so:

    exten => bob,1,Dial(SIP/300&SIP/12102263232@myprovider)

    Then put Local/bob@agentblends into your queue.

    Channel state for ringing/answer? The state will be ringing until Bob
    either answers his cell phone (or his cell voicemail answers, that may
    be a quirk. Adjust the “timeout” parameter on the dial command to work
    that out) or his SIP phone.