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Jerry Geis wrote:
> I have had a couple thunderstorms take out a card, again last night.
> The card with “dahdi show status” still report OK both times.
> When calling into the card I get all circuits are busy.
> However, simply replacing the card did the trick. Before that
> I stopped asterisk, restarted DAHDI, rebooted all those… The card
> always reported OK with show status. Only after replacing the card
> did it start to work again.
> I am running 1.4.42 asterisk, DAHDI and libpri 1.4.12.
> So I am surprised that asterisk was not reporting the status as
> something other
> that OK – also that 2 cards have gone bad “seemingly” related to
> thunderstorms.
> Any thoughts?
> Jerry
Clearly you need to provide better protection on your incoming circuit(s)

Keep in mind that the telco protection is to protect their equipment,
not yours

This is the case regardless of the circuit provided.

John Novack

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  • In article <4EC120C1.8080905@pagestation.com>,
    Jerry Geis wrote:

    Did you actually power off and on again with the original card in place?
    I have found in the past that a card can get in a state that just a reset
    is insufficient to clear, but that a power cycle does make it work again.