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I recently switched to a PRI from analog lines. For reasons out of my
control, my vendor had problems getting the PRI to interface so they
set it to use T1-CAS instead. The lines are working just fine for
inbound and outbound calls, except I get no call progress sounds. So
no ring, busy, etc. When you place an outbound call, you just have
dead air until the called party picks up. If it is a busy number, you
have no way to know as it just sits with dead air until you give up
and hang up.

I have two lines for faxing stripped out of the T1 from the router and
those have all proper audio, so this may very well be something
misconfigured on my end, but I can’t figure out what. I am using a
Sangoma A101 card for the interface and running Asterisk

Anyone have any idea what I need to change to get the call progress



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