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On Thu, 2011-09-22 at 22:19 -0600, Troy Telford wrote:
> I’m running Asterisk; I’m new to asterisk, and have been
> reading the Asterisk Definitive Guide, and it mentions that dahdi_dummy
> should be used to provide an interface for Asterisk to get kernel
> timing. – espescially if using timing-dependant modules.
> I have a minor question: is dahdi_dummy necessary or useful anymore –
> espescially for users who don’t have DAHDI hardware?
> I ask because I just checked out dahdi 2.5 from svn & built (against
> the Linux kernel 3.0)
> I noticed that dahdi_dummy didn’t seem to be built; when I poked around
> in the changelog, I saw:
> * README: README: Remove references to dahdi_dummy. Since
> dahdi_dummy is no longer required remove the references from
> README. (issue #17959) Reported by: glen201 Origin:
> http://svnview.digium.com/svn/dahdi?view=rev&rev=9308
> So am I correct in assuming dahdi_dummy isn’t needed/useful anymore?

Application MeetMe will not work without it.