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Hi All;

Asterisk version is:

But I see at the consol the following warning and really I did google but did not understand if it is bug or related to settings:

[Sep 13 15:04:56] WARNING[2209]: chan_sip.c:19667 handle_response_invite: just did sched_add waitid(3429468) for sip_reinvite_retry for dialog 3c581fa96f2b-53yysntgjmwb in handle_response_invite

But actually, we see some SNOM IP Phones has NR (Not Register) at the LCD, and it is able to receive and originate calls !!

I was think if this is bug or if it is related to session expire .. but I am not able to determine until now. Any help?

By the way: which paramter in the sip.conf can be used to determine the timeout of the sip registration (so the IP Phone should send the registartion packet to keepalive within this timeout, otherwise it will be considered not register)? Is it the defaultexpiry or something else?

Also, the above warning, to what it could be related? Is it a bug?