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Good Afternoon,
I have an Asterisk box that is acting like it is passing “core show”
before every command I type. For example, if I type sip, I will get
“No such command ‘sip’ (type ‘core show help sip’ for other possible

Any ideas?

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  • Thank you Andrew – I (for some reason) did not have that file under
    /etc/asterisk. I created a file and pasted the sample you provided,
    and it now works as expected.

    Now sure how I lost that file – this was a fairly new install, but I
    am learning, and it’s possible it got deleted.

    Thanks again for your help!


  • This sounds like an issue / bug. The system should process basic
    commands without this file.

  • I am not sure about the “bug” theory. I do not have the
    /etc/asterisk/cli_aliases.conf in my installation, and everything works
    as expected.

    Asterisk FreePBX