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I have 3 Linksys/Cisco 504G phones they keep restarting at what seems
to be random. Sometimes as short as 6 minutes.
FW version is 7.4.3a

I have searched and tried disabling FW check and all related settings.
I also extended all the default 3600 resync checks to a lot longer.


3 thoughts on - Linksys/Cisco 504G randomly restarts

  • Hi,

    Try upgrading to the latest version. I have tens of 504G operating
    without any problems.

    How are you powering these phones? I had a case when a PoE switch was
    experiencing short-circuit problems on a badly wired cable, and was
    unable to provide enough current to power the phones on the other ports.
    Replacing the faulty cable fixed the problem. You can always try to
    power the phones using 5volts DC, 2A center pin positive power source
    and see if the problem persists.

    Also I have a Linksys SPA-941 that has a public IP and reboots itself
    whenever someone tries to bruteforce into it by sending tons of sip
    registers 🙂


  • That is going to be my next step. Thank you

    They are all locally powered. I can see in asterisk CLI that its not a
    power issue since they are unregistering before shutdown.

    Thanks again.

  • Agree — make sure you are at the latest firmware.

    ALSO: If you have provisioning enabled, and have a duplicate line in your
    xml files, that will cause a reboot.

    Cassius Smith