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Hi All;

To overcome the echo problem, what mainly I have to do in the configuration other than the following line in the system.conf under dahdi directory?


1) How can I know if the digium card supporting echo cancellator?
2) If I am getting a message in the consol that unable to enable the echo cancelator, then what does it means? The hardware is not supporting echo cancellation or there is a software problem?


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  • If you’re using a TDM2400 you can buy a hardware echocan module or HPEC (which
    is a proprietary software echocan) if you desire (or need), however…

    …either of those options won’t resolve the “Unable to enable the echo
    canceller”. After you set ‘echocanceller=mg2,1-24’ in your
    /etc/dahdi/system.conf file, did you run dahdi_cfg? Also, what is the output
    of ‘cat /proc/dahdi/1’?

  • The current dahdi version is:

    PBX-FF*CLI> dahdi show version
    DAHDI Version: Echo Canceller:

    Well, the output of the dahdi_cfg as shown below, it declares there is invalid argument. But, really I tried to change the configuration in the systems.conf from fxoks=1-16 to fxsks=1-16 but did not work at all !! I know that FXO ports needs FXS signaling .. But I do not know why this message appears with me:

    [root@PBX-FF /]# dahdi_cfg
    DAHDI_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: Invalid argument (22)
    Selected signaling not supported
    Possible causes:
    FXO signaling is being used on a FXO interface (use a FXS signaling variant)
    RBS signaling is being used on a E1 CCS span
    Signaling is being assigned to channel 16 of an E1 CAS span

    Also I have the following lines in the systems.conf:


    And I have the following lines in the chan_dahdi.conf:

    channel => 1-16

    channel => 1-16

    The output of the command ‘cat /proc/dahdi/1’ is:

    [root@PBX-FF asterisk]# cat /proc/dahdi/1
    Span 1: WCTDM/0 “Wildcard TDM2400P Board 1” (MASTER)

    1 WCTDM/0/0 FXSKS (In use)
    2 WCTDM/0/1 FXSKS (In use)
    3 WCTDM/0/2 FXSKS (In use)
    4 WCTDM/0/3 FXSKS (In use)
    5 WCTDM/0/4 FXSKS (In use) RED
    6 WCTDM/0/5 FXSKS (In use) RED
    7 WCTDM/0/6 FXSKS (In use) RED
    8 WCTDM/0/7 FXSKS (In use) RED
    9 WCTDM/0/8 FXSKS (In use) RED
    10 WCTDM/0/9 FXSKS (In use) RED
    11 WCTDM/0/10 FXSKS (In use) RED
    12 WCTDM/0/11 FXSKS (In use) RED
    13 WCTDM/0/12 FXSKS (In use) RED
    14 WCTDM/0/13 FXSKS (In use) RED
    15 WCTDM/0/14 FXSKS (In use) RED
    16 WCTDM/0/15 FXSKS (In use) RED
    17 WCTDM/0/16 Reserved
    18 WCTDM/0/17 Reserved
    19 WCTDM/0/18 Reserved
    20 WCTDM/0/19 Reserved
    21 WCTDM/0/20 Reserved
    22 WCTDM/0/21 Reserved
    23 WCTDM/0/22 Reserved
    24 WCTDM/0/23 Reserved

    So what do u advise?