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Hello list,

I presently use the 1.4 releases because I enjoy sleeping
at night. I understand that 1.4 reaches end-of-life in a little over 8
months (https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+Versions). I
also know (as best as I can) that no genie is going to make Asterisk 1.4 go
“poof” on this date. My clients would probably sleep better thinking they
were running a PBX that didn’t have this “drop dead” date however. Since
1.6.X has the same time constraints as 1.4, it seems it would be a waste of
time going that direction. Should I go down the 1.8 .X path to have 4 years
of time, but the headaches that have been documented here, or pursue the
10.X which is presently considered Beta? (is it really beta, or just
relabeled 1.8?).


Danny Nicholas

One thought on - Where to proceed next

  • Quite.

    I have dozens of systems out there approaching 5 years old now running
    asterisk 1.2 and I have absolutely no plans to upgrade them to anything.
    In some cases I no-longer have access anyway, but I know they’re still
    ticking away.

    My wory is hardware longevity more than anything else – these are PCs,
    although carefully chosen PCs with no moving parts. My “reference” systems
    are now 8 years old and still running (not originally bought for PBXs but
    for routers) so that gives me hope. (They’re EPIA/VIA motherboards FWIW)