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I want to change my old answering phone machine and two wireless phones with
asterisk box + degium TDM400p (3 fxs+1FXO)+ one LAN phone(Aastra Nortel
9133i) + Wifi/SIP phone

I am wondering if I´ll lost actual functionalities that are present in my
old answering machine:
1) is it possible to show the caller number (coming from PSTN/FXO) in both
SIP phones (wifi/SIP and LAN phone) ? Does SIP protocol take in charge this

2) Most important question is : can I see on those internal phones (Wifi/SIP
phone and LAN phone) that I´ve some recoded messages on asterisk. Indeed, I
have this fucntionality with my old answering machine where I can see the
number of new messages recorded in a big LCD screen.