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GNU Gatekeeper version 2.3.5 available

GNU Gatekeeper version 2.3.5 has been released.

This release has a number of new features as well as a few important bug

New features:
– working LDAP support (H.350)
– much better checking of the config file for misspellings or obsolete
settings (Fortytwo=42 is now obsolete)
– SSH support for the status port
– support for sending RIP messages
– QOS data from H.460.9 and RTP sniffing available through status port
and Radius
– enable failover to CatchAll endpoint
– enable failover for calls released by the gatekeeper (eg. timeouts)
– see changes.txt for more new config options

Bug fixes:
– rewrite of the H.460.19 port detection logic
– improved VCS interoperability
– many minor fixes (see changes.txt)

Changelog (changes.txt):

NAT yes

Hello averybody,

In a no natted environment if I letnat=yes on sip.conf it would cause some thing bad or it is irrelevant ? Anybody know ?

thanks in advanced!

Callback + DISA


I am trying to use a Callback system that return the call to some
number then give it a dial tone with DISA. The callback works well and i
can hear the dial tone, the problem is that DISA doesn’t do anything
when i press any extension number of the current context and hangs the
call up after few seconds. If i use callback just to return to the
number then call an extension (ex: a sip phone) it works fine, do you
know if there is some incompatibility about DISA + Callback?

Obs. I use DTMF signaling. (Brazil)


Why no traction for Windows version?


Since Asterisk has been ported to exotic platforms like SOHO routers
(Linksys, Buffalo, etc.) and non-MMU CPUs (Blackfin, etc.), I was
wondering why the Windows port never really took off.

As far as I can tell, www.asteriskwin32.com is a one-man effort
(Patrick Deruel’s) that is not going anywhere (latest version based on

Are there just not enough interest and too many, deep, Linux-specific
assumptions in the code, that would explain why Asterisk was never
officially ported to Windows?

Thank you.

MusicOnHold not loaded


We’re running 2 Asterisk 1.6.2.x systems, one installed from source and one
from AsteriskNow.

On the system installed form source, MOH works fine and these are the
results we get for the different relevant queries:

Asterisk CLI commands: