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ReceiveFax to G.711


While using FFA, how can we program a specific extensions.conf script to
accept the fax in G.711, while for other calls (from a different source), to
allow T.38 with or without fallback?

The current ReceiveFax(filename,f) is not working for us with one of our



Agi script for working hours PBX

Hi ,

can you any buddy provide agi script in perl or php for,
only working hours incomming calls forward to his cellno., and after working
hours should be play one playback msg then forward voicemail to his
working hours(sun – thu, 9:00 to 19:00)

ex: dialplan
exten => 4578901,2,AGI(agi://
exten =>
exten => 4578901,4,Dial(SIP/5001,30,tTo)
exten => 4578901,5,Set(CALLERID(all)=044578901)
exten => 4578901,6,Dial(Zap/g0/0554721368,,tTo)
exten => 4578901,7,Hangup

Best Regards,

Mahesh Katta
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Mumbai 400069
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Conference feature


How to create the conference feature in Asterisk?


Cisco IP Phones 7942 and Skinny/SIP in asterisk


The Cisco 7942 worked in SIP and did not work in skinny firmware (in skinny, it register but no voice can be heared).

But now when we need to dial any number from the Cisco IP Phone 7942, it gives busy (the phone send the call for the asterisk just by dialing the first digit).

So, do I have to place the dialing.xml file in the TFTP to be given for the Phone? Or what I have to do?

I do not have this dialing.xml file, who has it?
Also if possible to get any other required files other than XMLDefault.cnf.xml and SEP000000000000.cnf.xml, what do I need?

Thanks for the help in advance.


HDLC Overrun with Chan SS7


I’m running an 8E1 setup to an SS7 carrier. The setup works but when we
start hitting the 80 active calls mark the link became unstable.

I found a lot of the following messages afecting my d channel

Jun 25 15:49:55 ostional kernel: [385661.368857] dahdi: HDLC Receiver
overrun on channel TE4/0/1/31 (master=TE4/0/1/31)

Im using TE410P


Cisco IP Phones and Skinny in asterisk “tooooooooooooooooo”

Hi All;

Again, the Cisco IP Phones 7942G and using Skinny:

I upgraded the firmware to version 8.5 (skinny) and I am using skinny channel (chan_skinny) and the skinny.conf file.

The phones are registering, but when we use them to place a call, we only hear tooooooooooo in the handset and we do not hear voice (even when we dial the digits, we only hear toooooooo .. but it dials and destination answer).

Also if we call to these phones, and we pickup handset of the 7942G, I am hearing toooooooooo and no voice (no one hear voice .. source and destination are not hear).

What about be? Is it related to skinny channel that does not work?

In that case, skinny channel is not working fine and that means, I have to use SIP !

Did any one face like this problem?

Another problem, if I did changes in the extensions.conf and I need to reload, then I can not reload only the extensions.conf, I have to do reload and that will cause a reset for the Phones.

Any advise? Did anyone tried skinny and faced those problems?