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I’ve had problems with MixMonitor recordings. A lot (I’d say almost 50%) of
those are corrupted (can`t be opened) or garbled. That is on only one
server, which is using the same Asterisk version ( as the other
servers which are mostly fine.

What can be the cause? The conversation themselves are reportedly of good
quality, only the recording is a problem.

Hint: this server does not have PRI Digium cards installed (pure SIP, only a
transcoder card), while the others do. Could this be the cause? Dahdi_test
shows 99.9xxx% accuracy with the dummy timer.



3 thoughts on - MixMonitor – garbled/corrupted WAV files

  • I had this happen on a client’s server where the HDD was failing….maybe
    integrity check the disk?

  • I understand garbled sounds being related to timing source (Will check it)
    but often the file simply cannot be opened by any media player. As if the
    format was simply corrupted. This isn’t due to timing, I would guess.