“pickupsound = beep” kills call pickup in Asterisk

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I have discovered that if I enable pickupsound = beep in features.conf,
if I try to do a pickup with *8, the calling channel keeps on ringing,
while the phone where I pick-up from shows that the call has been
answered (I don’t know where though). Also, it seems to completely
bugger up my outgoing IAX trunk (I really can’t see the connection, as
I’m doing pick-up for a SIP channel). I can only shut Asterisk down with
killall asterisk -s9 – nothing else works.

I’ve tried starting the console with asterisk -rvvvvvv – but there is
nothing unusual there.

Could someone please confirm this behaviour on their box, before I go
and submit a bug – in case I am doing something wrong?

As soon as I comment out “pickupsound = beep” – everything works just
fine and I can do call pickup with *8.


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