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Hi all,

I’m trying to provision my PAP2T’s to use a SVR lookup to find the Asterisk
server. I’m using a provisioning file that contains an element like:

However, the PAP doesn’t seem to be able to find my server with this hostname.
The DNS records are in place because my Polycom and Grandstream servers work
just fine.

What else do I need to do to get the PAP to work this way?


2 thoughts on - PAP2T provisioning via SRV record?

  • There’s a setting in the Line 1 and Line 2 page called Use DNS SRV which
    is set to No by default for some reason. Set this to yes and set the
    proxy to So something like:



  • Make sure you also have set:


    From the manual: “Enables the phone to automatically prepend the proxy
    or outbound proxy name with _sip._udp when performing a
    DNS SRV lookup on that name. Defaults to no.”

    Best regards,