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Hi All,

I tried to play a little bit with IPv6 to test our VoIP quality software
with IPv6 RTP streams.

I add “bindaddr=::” to the general section of the sip.conf and netstat
shows that Asterisk is listing also on IPv6.

My Asterisk server is behind a IPv4 NAT and was working absolutely perfect.
But after my bindaddr change I got a problem with external calls.

I spend some time to investigate this issue and found out the outbound
calls are working. The externaddr is used in the SIP INVITE.
If I received a inbound call the externaddr isn’t used any more in SDP
part of the answer from the Asterisk. The result is one way audio. In
addition I saw the following message in the Asterisk log:

[May 25 19:18:18] WARNING[3674] chan_sip.c: Address remapping
activated in sip.conf but we’re using IPv6, which doesn’t need it.
Please remove “localnet” and/or “externaddr” settings.

I think that is a bug because the externaddr is used correct during the
outbound calls.

My Asterisk version is!

Is somebody able to help me with that issue?
Should I write a bug ticket for that?

best regards