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I already read most of post on asterisk group and

But I could not find a calculator

1-Is there a calculator I can download for that

2-What I the maximum simultaneous calls that can asterisk handle using CPU
3.0 MHZ and 4GB ram

With rtp g729 and there is no codec transcoding ,

3-And what is the number of simultaneous calls if I use direct RTP
(Canreinvite=no /Directrt=yes)


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3 thoughts on - Asterisk users Calculation

  • 1) No. Because every case is a bit different and nobody has taken the time
    to research and document it.

    2) In the ‘hundreds.’ I have a 5 yr old 3.4 Xeon server with 2GB of ram
    running all kinds of AGIs that handles 300 simultaneous ULAW calls without
    issue and without any ‘tuning.’ The Asterisk process uses less than 100MB
    so more GBs means nothing.

    3) Probably in the thousands depending on what those calls are doing.
    (Just guessing here because I have no experience with this configuration.)

    Would a SIP server like OpenSIPS be a better platform choice?

    More details will yield better responses.

  • May I add…I still have documented cases of asterisk 1.4.x running ulaw with no transcoding and running 2k+ concurrent calls on a CentOS 4(5?, fuzzy) machine with 2ghz CPU and 2gb ram

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  • It would be a great help to others(including me) if those using 1.8.X can
    provide some details on hardware configurations,features they have
    implemented on it and some sort of load testing results.


    On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 6:28 AM, Sherwood McGowan