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Cisco registration problem with

I am having a problem registering my cisco phones which is exactly like that
described in


except that I am on Asterisk and using sip level POS3-07-4-00

The symptoms are:

o 7960 lines show [X]
o Outbound calls can be made from the phone, including call pickup of inbound
calls, but not to it.
o Trace shows REGISTER packets sent from phone but no response from Asterisk

Is there any way this regressed code could be picked up in a 1833 build or
have I got another problem?


dtmf Caller-id detection before first ring

Hi dears,

I am from saudi arabia and using asterisk,Dahdi-2.3.0 and
Digium, Inc. Wildcard AEX800 8-port analog card (PCI-Express) .

I am facing problem with detecting caller id before first ring.I
recorded the dahdi channel using dahdi_monitor command. Where I am
able to see and hear caller-id dtmf tones.

Pl tell me the procedure to upload recorded file if you needed.
Something I want to dig it and make it work in asterisk.

Thanks & Regards,