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On Fri, 27 May 2011, Patrick Lists wrote:

> On 05/27/2011 05:10 PM, Michelle Dupuis wrote:
>> I’m looking for recommendations for standalond PRI to SIP converters.
>> (Needs to be outside the asterisk box – so a PCIe card won’t do)
>> I’ve used redfone but this project doesn’t need the redundancy features…
> Have a look at Patton or Audiocodes. Both solid solutions although Audiocodes
> has a bit of a reputation when it comes to configuring it.

Personally I’d avoid Patton. No-one has a clue how to configure them. I’ve
struggled for the past couple of days and have given up and they’re being
sent back to be replaced by Mediatrix boxes.

Admittedly this is BRI not PRI, but I don’t imagine programming up their
PRI boxes is any easier.

Get a 2nd Asterisk box with a PCI card in it!


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  • Then you’re asking the wrong people. It is totally possible to get a
    Patton to be configured correctly. Since PRI is much easier to configure
    than a BRI interface (PtP, PtMP?) it shouldn’t be that hard.

    The problem with these very powerful VoIP to ISDN gateways is that they
    have lots of things to configure, some more intuitive than others. If
    you’re using real hardware, be prepared to spend real time and effort
    into configuring them.

    The webinterfaces on Patton or Audiocodes gateways are miles better than
    the CLI on a Cisco AS5350 or the CLI on an Acme Packet SBC. The bad rep
    Patton and Audiocodes seem to have is probably related to them using the
    same software for a simple 2xFXO port gateway as those for 4xISDN BRI or
    4x ISDN PRI.

  • Hi everyone,

    i ended using Patton, right after a fiasco with overlap to enblock
    on a users PBX …
    Had to go out and pay more for a Voxip unit . That things serves me well
    and is
    far less complicated to setup.

    NOw using it to interconnect a PBX with aprox 5000 extensions behind it,
    without a problem.

    But … on the side note . MAKE THEM CONVERT TO IP PBXs .. ( though
    hardly possible on large installs )


    S, Andreas Sikkema piše: