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Have anyone setup voicemail using DB?
I am facing problems with asterisk realtime voicemail setup.

Asterisk authenticate and saves new voicemail records in mysql with voice
file path.


When we listen voiemails, app_voicemail deletes old record from
voicemail_data and inserts a new one with new file name in Old folder.


Please note that message name also changed.

How to handle voicemail in asterisk realtime?

2 thoughts on - DB driven voicemail

  • i implemented voicemail with ODBC.

    I can now setup mailboxes in voicemail table
    and can save recordings in voiemailmessages table in blog field.

    Still have issues with join in voicemails and cdrs.

    How can we identify the voicemail with corresponding cdr?

    Has any one tested?