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I was debugging a turnup with Global Crossing the other day and they
presented me with a web page that displayed a ‘ladder diagram’ of a call
including a ton of detail all neatly organized in tabs and links so you
could drill down to any level of detail needed.

The copyright notice says ‘Copyright© 2008 Empirix.’

Is there any free software available to analyze a pcap or similar packet
dump with similar features?

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  • On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 1:12 PM, Steve Edwards

    I think there are some, I saw one mentioned on the BACNet mailing
    list… ahh yes http://cloudshark.org/ takes tshark and wireshark
    uploads… close to what you are looking for…

  • In article ,
    Steve Edwards wrote:

    Wireshark will give you a ladder diagram for a call. Pull down the
    “Telephony” menu and select “VoIP calls”. That will give you a list
    of all VoIP calls represented in the packet dump.

    Next, click on a call and then the “Flow” button. That will give you
    a diagram very similar to the ladder diagram in your web page.

    I’m often amazed at just how much Wireshark can do!