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Hello All;

If I need the Asterisk to do automatic dialing for a list of numbers and when the destination answer, then to play the proper sound message, is it possible? How?

About sending SMS, can asterisk do this?


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  • Hi Bilal,

    You can possible to do automatic dialing, play the proper sound message for
    a list of numbers using Asterisk.

    You need to write Asterisk AGI for automatic dialing.

    About sending SMS is also possible but you need to use SMS Gateway or SMS
    service provider.

    If u need further discussion we will assist you.

  • Asterisk is a telephony Erector Set*. You get to build what you want. All
    the pieces are there.

    Easy may not be best. ‘Easiest’ is the language you know best. Best
    depends on your needs.

    A scripting language like PHP may be easiest for you if you know that
    language. A compiled language like C may be best if you want to run a
    bazillion calls per second.

    You can execute xxx AGIs written in C in the time it takes to load the
    Perl or PHP interpreter and parse your script.


  • Hi Guys
    Using call files might be easiest. But I d also try out AGI scripting too. I ll be sure to call back if I require any help.

    For the sms bit,…let’s say I want to send bulk sms to multiple mobile devices.

    Thanks a lot
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  • hello:
    i think you can use php and get message from GUI and send by php AGI.

    Best regards,
    Doing asterisk/PRI/ss7/dahdi, linux, asterisk cards, gateway(fxs/fxo/pri< ->SIP).

  • I am also facing same problem.
    RAJNIKANT Can you please describe here So that it will use full for all

    Thanks 🙂