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Sorry for top post I’m responding from my blackberry

I haven’t tried with timerfd but with timer pthread 1.8 is very unstable

I think I have seen a post to the list from kevin fleming that the same is for timerfd that there is a nasty bug which they haven’t found the reason for yet

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  • My experience is that you should pretty much always use res_timing_dahdi unless
    you’re on a platform on which you can’t install DAHDI. You don’t need any
    hardware to use timing from DAHDI because timing is generated by the kernel.

    My order of preference for stability is:

    * res_timing_dahdi
    * res_timing_timerfd
    * res_timing pthread

    The timerfd and pthread modules are relatively new, and sometimes people run
    into stability problems while using them. If you can use res_timing_dahdi I
    recommend you do so.


  • Thanks Leif,

    I had changed it to res_timing_dahdi and since last few days it seem good.


  • In the dahdi-linux package you can edit drivers/dahdi/Kbuild and comment out
    every module except for dahdi.ko. So looking in that file you will see
    something like:

    obj-$(DAHDI_BUILD_ALL)$(CONFIG_DAHDI) += dahdi.o
    #obj-$(DAHDI_BUILD_ALL)$(CONFIG_DAHDI_DUMMY) += dahdi_dummy.o
    obj-$(DAHDI_BUILD_ALL)$(CONFIG_DAHDI_DYNAMIC) += dahdi_dynamic.o
    obj-$(DAHDI_BUILD_ALL)$(CONFIG_DAHDI_DYNAMIC_LOC) += dahdi_dynamic_loc.o

    Here dahdi_dummy is commented out. Just comment out all the other modules
    (lines that start with obj-) and leave only dahdi.o.

    dahdi.ko now automatically monitors the spans and if there isn’t one providing
    timing, it will use the built in timing source which functions very similarly
    to dahdi dummy of the past.

    Since dahdi-linux 2.3.0, all you need is dahdi.ko. There is no more
    “dahdi_dummy” module required unless you specifically install it.

    You will still need the kernel sources to compile dahdi.ko against. Also when
    you install dahdi-tools, you will want to comment out all the lines in
    /etc/dahdi/modules so that the init script does not try to load any of the
    board drivers.

  • Wow! Thanks Shaun for the amazingly detailed and clear instructions. Really
    appreciate it. Let me give this a go.

    Cheers 🙂