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So does this mean no solution when used ZAP/DAHDI with PSTN line?

If I installed an E1, will that work?


On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 12:57 AM, John Novack > wrote:

> Remember that ZAP/DAHDI channels don’t receive ( because most PSTN/POTS
> lines don’t provide ) answer supervision.
> This will certainly complicate what you want do do.
> John Novack
> Scott Zhang wrote:
> Hello. All.
> I am a bit new to asterisk, started from half a month ago.
> I am setting up a home asterisk server with analog card. I am using
> asterisk 1.4.27.
> At the moment, I bought a X100P card and installed it on my computer. I
> used it to connect my home phone line. For the moment, it works fine when
> dial in. Soon I noticed when I dial out through it to my mobile, it can’t
> hang up automatically after I hang up my mobile. After googled, I found the
> reason as described as below link and some solutions.
> http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/resolving_hangup_detection_problems_fxo_tdm_voicemail.html
> For me, none of solutions works.
> So I am rethinking should I buy another TDM400P card.
> But I am wondering because in China. The phone system looks different
> so I don’t know if TDM400P will work or not.
> Here is the flow when I am using X100P to dial out.
> 1. Pick up phone
> I hear tone. DA~~~
> 2. press the number
> tone: DA~~~
> 3. dialing~~~~
> No more tone. Music playing~~~~~(lalala, I love lalal)
> At the same time, on asterisk console, it prints out. “The call has been
> answered”.
> Actually it is still dialing and my mobile is ringing because I didn’t
> answer the call.. The music was played by ISP
> 4. whether I answered the call or refuse the call. No more prints on
> asterisk console.
> But on phone end, when I refuse the call, instead of busytone, I hear the
> voice “The phone you’re dialing is busy now. Please try again later.”.
> So the whole thing is, during the whole call process, only before dialing,
> we can hear the phone tone, for all other time, Dialing, refused, the ISP
> will play music/voice instead of providing the tone. I don’t understand how
> x100p identify the status, I guess should be on the tone.
> 5. I wait asterisk/x100p to hangup the call and after 5 minutes, I have to
> cut the phone line to force it hang up.
> So can TDM400X work with such a system without tone only with music and
> voice?
> Thanks.
> Regards.
> Scott
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2 thoughts on - About X100P and TDM400P analog card in China

  • On Wed, 11 May 2011 01:09:16 +0800, Scott Zhang

    Before getting an E1, maybe ISDN provides call supervision?