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I have been away from the list for a bit so please forgive me if this has already been covered.

From what I understand if I have the t or T option in my dial string then the RTP must go through Asterisk since we need to know if any DTMF was pressed.

If both users and the server are not behind NAT and we set up for the RPT to go direct if I am using INFO for DTMF, when using the t or T option does the RTP go direct ?

I am asking since from what I understand out of band DTMF was created so that a leg in the middle can get the DTMF with out having to be in the RTP stream.

Further more in 1.8.X where there is IPv6 support if using IPv6 with DTMF info shouldn’t the RTP go direct ?

I am asking more then complaining (since I do not have multiple IPv4 IP’s to test this). If this is not how Asterisk works I would like to see if this can be patched so we can save RTP long trips.