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DBusing over AGI

Just realised that this can better be described another way:

What we’re essentially trying to do is be able to do any one of these

a) stream an audio/video file stored in the DB via AGI into the current
channel so that it plays on the phone


b) Do something like what Realtime Voicemail does, where it gets the file
from the DB, saves as a temp file in the user mailbox directory and then
plays it to the caller but this needs to happen through AGI, something along
the lines of readsql (a la func_odbc) inside of AGI


c) Anything else that’s better than a) and b) above that someone can

P.S> I do know about the AGI AddOn of PUT SOUNDFILE and GET SOUNDFILE which
seems to be the only solution we can think of right now, other than of
course having the DB machine exporting the SAN volume as an NFS share for
the Asterisk server to mount, but that sounds like it’ll be bad for

Thanks again

No takers? 🙁

[Danny Nicholas]

In your original scenario you were opening yourself to probable latency
issues – I would personally pursue something along the line of option B
where I put the DB data into a temp file and ran a daemon to clear the temp
files hourly or daily as needed. If the delivery worked well across most
LAN’s/WAN’s, some gung-ho developer would have hosed another part of
Asterisk trying to get that “bell and whistle” into the trunk.

2 thoughts on - Retrieving/Streaming audio/video files from DBusing over AGI

  • being on the same physical GbE switch as the DB server without any other
    traffic on it but sure, I know that a long time ago when I implemented
    Realtime Voicemail, it worked pretty good, so I’ll be happy with b). I guess
    we do need to use that AGI AddOn of PUT SOUNDFILE after all.

    Would be good if more people can throw a few ideas around to see if there’s
    a smarter way to do it. Another idea we had was to dumb these files (since
    they’ll be very small in duration and thus in size) into a directory, run a
    web-server and have AGI retrieve them using curl and just use “Background”
    to play it. Thoughts?

  • By daemonized delivery system, I’m assuming you mean have some background
    process running to transport these files from the DB to the asterisk server
    and play them?

    There are two issues with that
    a) Sounds like too much I/O esp. with small files getting written and

    b) What if there are several asterisk servers and the call can come into any
    of the servers. Do we invoke the daemon at will, run a SQL query, extract it
    from the DB, and transfer it to the asterisk server which initiated the
    request and then play it? Sounds like it might add a bit more latency than
    streaming it right inside the connection opened by AGI itself, although we
    could not store these files in the DB and just have them sit on a dedicated
    SAN volume and whenver a request comes in, we send it to the requesting
    asterisk server.

    That’s all of course if I understood you correctly.