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Hi All;

I have an E1 card with two ports for ISDN PRI.

Do I need to install DAHDI in addition to LIBPRI?

For placing outside calls (outgoing) via the PRI, then in the extension.exe file, I will use the Dial function? But how can I determine that I need to use the PRI channels and not the analoge channels?

Last point: how can I know that asterisk is containing libpri? In other words, how can I know that the libpri has been included in the compilation and yes I can use it? Any command of file that give this proof? What is the difference if I did not compiled the libpri and if I compiled it? Is there a command to distinguish this?


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  • Sorry for the top post, responding from my phone…

    Yes, you’ll need both DAHDI and libpri to make an E1 card work with asterisk.

    Yes, you’ll most likely use the Dial() command inside extensions.conf in order to dial out. You’ll differentiate your PRI channels from your analog channels in your chan_dahdi.conf file (I believe), probably using groups (although I suppose you could just use channel numbers).

    I believe you can verify that libpri has been compiled into asterisk by issuing a ‘pri show’ command at the console after you’ve got everything running.