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Hi Lesher

Thanks for reply. I am trying to understand how CDR in asterisk is
working(Code wise),because some issue are there in CDR in call feature
scenarios like call transfer ,call forward etc.I wanted to fix that
issues for that I am planning to rewriting the CDR logic.Do you have any
document which explain how CDR works in asterisk and what are its



On 03/22/2011 11:35 AM, Tilghman Lesher wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 March 2011 00:56:05 Nikhil wrote:
>> Hi all
>> In asterisk source code we can see lots of places
>> AST_CDR_FLAG_LOCKED flags is used.This is for CDR purpose. Does anyone
>> what is exact usage of this lock in CDR.If I remove this flags where it
>> will impact,any data overwrite will happen..?
> Yes. The purpose of the lock is to force a record to become a snapshot at
> the time the record was locked. If you remove that flag, then almost any
> update to the CDR will overwrite the entire record with a new snapshot.

2 thoughts on - Usage of lock in CDR

  • Good luck with that. That subsystem has been gone over many times in an
    effort to improve it. The basic problem is that CDR is designed for a much
    simpler time, when we did not have things like call transfers, 3-way
    calling, call conferences, and the like, so it is maladapted for modern
    usage. A much better method is the CEL subsystem, which generates events
    which can be analysed after the fact to create a much clearer picture about
    how a call progressed.

  • Thanks .. which version of asterisk have the CEL completely. Now I am
    using 1.6.2 .