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using asterisk 1.8, compiled and – both
loaded successfuly

in sip.conf set t38pt_udptl=yes

but faxes still don’t work even in passthru mode.

if i do a ‘sip show channel’ on the channel via which i am sending fax it shows:

T.38 support Yes

however if i do sip show channel of my channel (from other server) it shows

T.38 support No

Advices appreciated 🙂


One thought on - sip show channel and t.38

  • The first and most important advice would be to actually include
    information that would allow people to help you. For example, ‘sip show
    peer’ output confirming that *both* SIP endpoints have T.38 enabled.
    Then, a complete ‘sip set debug on’, ‘core set verbose 10’ and ‘core set
    debug 10′ console capture of a failing call, so that we can see what
    happened with the T.38 session setup attempt.