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I feel your pain

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 9:29 AM, Danny Nicholas wrote:

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> Subject: [asterisk-users] Asterisk <-> Lync / Call Center Transfer / Refer
> Hey all,
> Alright. So we decided to not go with Avaya for our next PBX and we are now
> full on into an Asterisk/Lync 2010 implementation. Asterisk/FreePBX is our
> SIP gateway and call center and Lync is our internal UC and IP-PBX server.
> I’ve already got Asterisk tied with our Nortel/Merridian Option 11 with
> QSig
> and all is beautiful (except for the Opt11 not receiving names from * but
> that’s another topic). So, my problem now is with the call center.
> This setup may be a bit convoluted at first but it’ll make sense I hope.
> I’ve created the queues in Asterisk via FreePBX. I then created a ring
> group
> for each Lync extension so we get the “Confirm Calls” option and dodge the
> voice mail problem. The agents the login via their Lync phone with the Ring
> Group extension as their Agent ID. It kind of looks like this:
> Queue 2001
> Agent 4001
> Agent 4002
> Agent 4003
> Ring Group 4001 -> Lync Extention 5001
> Ring Group 4002 -> Lync Extention 5002
> Ring Group 4003 -> Lync Extention 5003
> This all works beautifuly! The problem I have is on transfers. If Lync
> extension 5001 trasnfers to Lync extension 5010, Asterisk is unaware of the
> transfer and shows that 5001 is still active with the call. We’re using
> OrderlyStats to monitor the queue so I watch the “Talking” counter just
> keep
> counting instead of being aware the transfer took place. Now to me, that
> says to me that the transfer took place within Lync so Asterisk is unaware
> of the transfer. So my next step was to enable Refer support in Lync so
> Lync
> sends the refer message back to Asterisk to transfer the call so Asterisk
> is
> fully aware of what’s going on. It seems like the refer message is trying
> to
> work and Lync is sending it and Asterisk is receiving it but the “Refer-To”
> is changing between the two so I’m at a loss.
> (Logs are below signature)
> Lync says it’s sending the following message with a “Refer-to:
> Asterisk is seeing the following and the refer-to changed, it’s now
> >
> 7?REPLACES=aa6f8871-4151-4149-ad5a-29ab941bf4d0%3Bfrom-tag%3D9227b8a39d%3Bto
> -tag%3D8be38bb187>”.
> At first it seems like Lync is sending a true SIP URI so I need to get
> Asterisk to know how to handle that SIP URI and then secondly, it seems
> like
> Asterisk doesn’t even receive the same REFER-TO message that Lync sent. Is
> this because Asterisk doesn’t know how to handle the SIP URI?
> So I guess I’m left with wondering if fixing the REFER message stuff is
> going to fix my problem even? The end goal is for Asterisk to be aware that
> a call was transferred to another extension in Lync.
> Thanks in advance everyone!
> Louis
> First of all, I assume you are using 1.8.X. Regardless, Queueing and
> referring have some known issues. If you look at chan_sip.c, you’ll see
> that REFER is considered “broken” at this time (I know this to be the case
> in 1.4.37 and at least 1 flavor of 1.8). So my suggestion is that you
> either devise some workaround for this or set up multiple queues so you can
> feed calls to these “phantom-busy” folks. My “Expertise” (such as it is) is
> at the AGI level; I only fool with the portions of the actual tree code
> that
> are patently obvious (usually tweaks to patches).
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