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No RTP Engine problem in 1.8.2

hi guys,
i have a problem with 1.8 branch no matter which release of 1.8 i’m
using. i can’t make any sip calls, this is the error message i get on
each call:

[Jan 18 19:02:15] ERROR[1698] rtp_engine.c: No RTP engine was found.
Do you have one loaded?
[Jan 18 19:02:15] ERROR[1698] chan_sip.c: Got SDP but have no RTP
session allocated.

i’m sure that the rtp engine is loaded this is the messages i get when
loading rtp engine:

> module load res_rtp_asterisk.so
Loaded res_rtp_asterisk.so
== Registered RTP engine ‘asterisk’
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/rtp.conf': == Found
== RTP Allocating from port range 1650 -> 4650
Loaded res_rtp_asterisk.so => (Asterisk RTP Stack)

any advice to get rid of this problem?
thanks all