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I need clarification on couple of issues of Realtime Queue.

It seems that when Agents(Memebers) are added using AddQueueMember, Asterisk
puts this Queue-Member relationship information into AstDB, So that on
asterisk restart this can be preserved.

My question is, why does asterisk not store call information for Queue
(holdtime, talktime, W, C, A, SL%) in AstDB, So that it can also be retained
on restart?

Though Queue-Member relationship information is stored in AstDB, it still
forgets number of calls taken by member on instance of asterisk restart.

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One thought on - Queue Member relationship and AstDB

  • Is my explanation of query not so clear???
    I may go wrong while asking something, then I should be guided to put it in
    a different way!

    This is with due respect to all of you guys.

    As this is Asterisk Users group, anybody, trying to learn Asterisk, may ask
    even a silly

    question. And (s)he should expect atleast a single reply from digium guys if
    not from others!

    I am very well aware of the ‘Openess nature’ of Asterisk Project, but if we
    want to compete

    with other PBXs (Read proprietary PBXs; as per my study there doesn’t seem
    any other

    opensource PBX project coming near to Asterisk… atleast for the moment),
    we should be little

    bit more responsive.