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Has anybody have any experience using the KX-TGP500 Cordless DEC 6.0
“System” with asterisk ?

I run a small asterisk server at home using two SPA3102s, and thinking of
upgrading my cordless analog phones to something a little newer.

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  • I have no direct experience. But I know that E4 Technologies has been
    using this phone with Asterisk & Switchvox. Panasonic made an effort
    earlier this year to have it certified with Asterisk. It’s also
    Broadvoice certified.


  • Hi,

    They sent us a few for free, so I guess I owe them a review. The
    Panasonic 500 and 550 worked very well with *sterisk 1.4. The full 550
    phone seemed a little small, but all the advertised features worked.
    Audio quality was very good with a nice long range.

    The cordless phones are light weight with a belt clip, You just
    register the base set or phone, then connect the cordless phones. It
    pulls a config from central server, firmware options are thorough for
    business needs.

    One cordless phone (out of 5) developed a bad key. I really have to
    press hard to get the 1 key to work. The key went bad after 5 months.

    Overall, I really like the phones.

    Adrian Serafini

  • Well, my distributor states the 550 has been discontinued, I’m going to try
    out the 500 and see how well it works, as it appears to be the only Sip
    based cordless phone that looks to be half way decent.. (not a big fan of
    Sip/2.4/5.8ghz Wifi Phones)

  • I bought one (the variant without the desk phone) to see if it would be a
    good product to sell my customers. Overall it’s a decent product, but a
    firmware update would probably make it better (as of now it occasionally
    needs a reboot to re-register with Asterisk).

    But the price seems right, especially compared to the pricey non-DECT Aastra
    or the Polycom complete solution (which seems ideal, but very expensive when
    the deployment calls for just a few DECT phones).

    I have a normal PSTN Panasonic DECT phone at home and some keys went bad
    also. Seems to be an overall Panasonic problem with their DECT phones.