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Looking at the source of app_voicemail.c there are many statements like:

ast_debug(1, “%s doesn’t exist, doing what we cann”,

Where do I have to enably this to be showed in the console or logged to a file
by logger. core set debug does not seem to help here.

Well, my actual problem is, that if a customer has recorded his own greeting,
he usualy tells the caller to record his message after the tone, so
app_voicemail should not play the intro.


but only


In case there is an unavailable message. Where do I have to poke at the

Kind regards

Benoit Panizzon

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    No need to patch app_voicemail to do this I guess, passing the ‘s’
    argument to VoiceMail will skip vm-intro. So you only need to figure out
    is unavail.gsm exists from the dialplan to add ‘s’ to the arguments.
    Implementing this in an AGI script should be trivial.